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Author Title Pages
Jane Addams Twenty Years at Hull House; with autobiographical notes 369
Alvin Addison Ellen Walton - The Villain and His Victims 85
Alvin Addison Eveline Mandeville - The Horse Thief Rival 258
Joseph Addison Essays and Tales 167
Joseph Addison;Sir Richard Steele Days with Sir Roger De Coverley, 38
Julia de Wolf Gibbs Addison Arts and Crafts in the Middle Ages - A Description of Mediaeval Workmanship in Several of the Departments of Applied Art, Together with Some Account of Special Artisans in the Early Renaissance 344
George Ade More Fables 81
George Ade People You Know 110
George Ade The Slim Princess 93
W. Bion Adkins The Jericho Road 149
Paul Adrien Willis the Pilot 491
Sir John Miller Adye Indian Frontier Policy; an historical sketch 48
Aeschylus Suppliant Maidens and Other Plays 249
Aeschylus The Agamemnon of Aeschylus - Translated into English Rhyming Verse with Explanatory Notes 114
Aeschylus The House of Atreus 217
Aesop Aesop's Fables 166
Aesop Aesop's Fables 58
Aesop Aesop's Fables - A New Revised Version From Original Sources 152
Aesop Aesop's Fables; a new translation 197
Louis Agassiz;Elizabeth Cabot Cary Agassiz Louis Agassiz: His Life and Correspondence 608
D. D. Cottrell's Subscription Agency Wholesale Price List of Newspapers and Periodicals 204
Grace Aguilar The Days of Bruce Vol 1 - A Story from Scottish History 474
Grace Aguilar The Mother's Recompense, Volume 1 - A Sequel to Home Influence 350
Grace Aguilar The Mother's Recompense, Volume 2 - A Sequel to Home Influence 342
Grace Aguilar The Vale of Cedars 327
Emilio Aguinaldo True Version of the Philippine Revolution 56
Conrad Potter Aiken The House of Dust; a symphony 106
William Aikman The Future of the Colored Race in America - Being an article in the Presbyterian quarterly review of July, 1862 44
[pseud.] Walter Aimwell Oscar - The Boy Who Had His Own Way 223
Alfred Ainger English Men of Letters: Crabbe 214
Percy C. Ainsworth The Threshold Grace 47
William Harrison Ainsworth Jack Sheppard - A Romance 645
William Harrison Ainsworth Old Saint Paul's - A Tale of the Plague and the Fire 734
William Harrison Ainsworth The Lancashire Witches - A Romance of Pendle Forest 871
William Harrison Ainsworth The Star-Chamber, Volume 1 - An Historical Romance 259
William Harrison Ainsworth The Star-Chamber, Volume 2 - An Historical Romance 247
William Harrison Ainsworth Windsor Castle 458
George Biddell Airy Autobiography of Sir George Biddell Airy 525
George A. Aitken The Tatler, Volume 1, 1899 455
Mark Akenside Poetical Works of Akenside 401
Florence Akin Opera Stories from Wagner 81
Pedro Antonio de Alarcón Novelas Cortas 427
Louisa May Alcott A Garland for Girls 253
Louisa May Alcott A Modern Cinderella 188
Louisa May Alcott An Old-Fashioned Girl 389
Louisa May Alcott Behind a Mask, or a Woman's Power 152
Louisa May Alcott Eight Cousins 288
Louisa May Alcott Flower Fables 129
Louisa May Alcott Hospital Sketches 100
Louisa May Alcott Jack and Jill 346

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