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Author Title Pages
Mary Robinson Beaux and Belles of England - Mrs. Mary Robinson, Written by Herself, With the lives of the Duchesses of Gordon and Devonshire 239
Therese Albertine Louise von Jacob Robinson Historical View of the Languages and Literature of the Slavic - Nations 500
John Roby Traditions of Lancashire, Volume 1 (of 2) 728
Alfred Rochefort Healthful Sports for Boys 164
John D. (John Davison) Rockefeller Random Reminiscences of Men and Events 131
[pseud.] Carey Rockwell Sabotage in Space 214
[pseud.] Carey Rockwell The Space Pioneers 238
F. P. Rockwell Home Vegetable Gardening — a Complete and Practical Guide to the Planting and Care of All Vegetables, Fruits and Berries Worth Growing for Home Use 215
Roy Rockwood Dave Dashaway and His Hydroplane 205
Roy Rockwood Five Thousand Miles Underground - Or, the Mystery of the Centre of the Earth 206
Roy Rockwood Jack North's Treasure Hunt - Or, Daring Adventures in South America 185
Roy Rockwood Lost on the Moon - Or, in Quest of the Field of Diamonds 213
Roy Rockwood On a Torn-Away World - Or, the Captives of the Great Earthquake 210
Roy Rockwood Through Space to Mars - Or the Longest Journey on Record 228
Roy Rockwood Through the Air to the North Pole - or The Wonderful Cruise of the Electric Monarch 201
Theo. F. Rodenbough Afghanistan and the Anglo-Russian Dispute 129
Ella Rodman A Grandmother's Recollections 135
Edward Payson Roe A Day of Fate 440
Edward Payson Roe A Face Illumined 639
Edward Payson Roe A Knight of the Nineteenth Century 526
Edward Payson Roe A Young Girl's Wooing 435
Edward Payson Roe An Original Belle 621
Edward Payson Roe Barriers Burned Away 536
Edward Payson Roe Driven Back to Eden 250
Edward Payson Roe From Jest to Earnest 522
Edward Payson Roe He Fell in Love with His Wife 348
Edward Payson Roe His Sombre Rivals 434
Edward Payson Roe Miss Lou 424
Edward Payson Roe Nature's Serial Story 515
Edward Payson Roe Opening a Chestnut Burr 505
Edward Payson Roe Success with Small Fruits 380
Edward Payson Roe Taken Alive 436
Edward Payson Roe The Earth Trembled 492
Edward Payson Roe The Home Acre 184
Edward Payson Roe What Can She Do? 475
Edward Payson Roe Without a Home 627
Frances Marie Antoinette Mack Roe Army Letters from an Officer's Wife, 1871-1888 331
Vingie E. (Vingie Eve) Roe The Maid of the Whispering Hills 294
Erwin W. Roessler;Alfred Remy A First Spanish Reader 235
Henry Rogers Reason and Faith; Their Claims and Conflicts - From The Edinburgh Review, October 1849, Volume 90, No. - CLXXXII. (Pages 293-356) 94
Henry Rogers The Eclipse of Faith - Or, A Visit To A Religious Sceptic 475
L. W. Rogers Self-Development and the Way to Power 32
Samuel Rogers Poems 159
Sax Rohmer Bat Wing 390
Sax Rohmer Dope 395
Sax Rohmer Fire-Tongue 293
Sax Rohmer Tales of Chinatown 378
Sax Rohmer The Golden Scorpion 290
Sax Rohmer The Green Eyes of Bâst 313
Sax Rohmer The Hand Of Fu-Manchu - Being a New Phase in the Activities of Fu-Manchu, the Devil Doctor 282

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