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The Third and Last Part of Conny-Catching. (1592) - With the new deuised knauish arte of Foole-taking by R. G.
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Third and last part of Conny-catching.

With the new deuised knauish arte of

_The like coosnages and villanies never before discouered._

By R.G.


Printed by _T.Scarlet_ for _C.Burby_, and are to be solde at
his shop vnder S.Mildreds Church in the Poultrie. 1592.

receiued either pleasure or profite by the two
former published bookes of this
And to all beside, that desire to know the wonderfull
slie deuises of this hellish crew
of Conny-catchers.

[Illustration: I]

In the time of king Henrie the fourth, as our English Chronicles haue
kept in remembrance, liued diuerse sturdie and loose companions in
sundrie places about the Citie of London, who gaue themselues to no
good course of life, but because the time was somewhat troublesome,
watched diligently, when by the least occasion of mutinie offered,
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