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Marine Protozoa from Woods Hole - Bulletin of the United States Fish Commission 21:415-468, 1901 by Gary N. Galkins
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Contributions from the Biological Laboratory of the U. S. Fish
Commission, Woods Hole, Massachusetts.



Department of Zoology, Columbia University.

_Bulletin of the United States Fish Commission_ 21:415-468, 1901

Comparatively little has been done in this country upon marine
Protozoa. A few observations have been made by Kellicott, Stokes, and
Peck, but these have not been at all complete. With the exception of
Miss Stevens's excellent description of species of _Lichnophora_ I
am aware of no single papers on individual forms. Peck ('93 and '95)
clearly stated the economic position of marine Protozoa as sources of
food, and I need not add to his arguments. It is of interest to know
the actual species of various groups in any locality and to compare
them with European forms. The present contribution is only the
beginning of a series upon the marine Protozoa at Woods Hole, and
the species here enumerated are those which were found with the algæ
along the edge of the floating wharf in front of the Fish Commission
building and within a space of about 20 feet. Many of them were
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