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Boy Scouts in Mexico; or on Guard with Uncle Sam by G. Harvey (George Harvey) Ralphson
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BOY SCOUTS IN MEXICO Or On Guard with Uncle Sam

By: Scout Master, G. Harvey Ralphson

I. Planning a Vacation
II. A Member of the Wolf Patrol
III. The Wolf Advises Flight
IV. The Wolf Talks in Code
V. The Wolf in the Bear's Bed
VI. Two Black Bears in Trouble
VII. Signals on the Mountain
VIII. A Strange Disappearance
IX. About the Third Suspect
X. The Wolf Meets a Panther
XI. Black Bear and Diplomat
XII. Wolf and Panther after Bear
XIII. Captured the Wrong Boy
XIV. The Case is Well Stated
XV. Accusing Each Other
XVI. Wolves on the Mountain
XVII. Plenty of Black Bears
XVIII. Fremont and the Renegade
XIX. What was Found Underground
XX. Black Bears to the Rescue
XXI. Wolves Becoming Dangerous
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